NSA Past President – John Chan

Name – John Chan
Company – Durable Slate
Job Title/Responsibilities –  Owner/VP

Grew up in Columbus, Ohio.  Split time between DC and Atlanta

2.     Can you tell us a bit about your Family?

Youngest of 4 kids, grew up in Columbus Ohio, only one of the siblings that was born in the US.  I’m in business with my brother.  I’ve been with my fiancée, Deanna Meske for about 9 years now.

3.     Can you tell us about your Work history? 

Started working at Durable Slate during the summers of my college years, started full time in 1989 as Treasurer and Salvaged Slate procurer – I was personally tearing off roofs for all of our salvaged needs.  I also ran production and sales for a while and managed various branch offices as I opened up Cincinnati, New Orleans, and the Maryland offices.  I currently get large leads and do larger sales nationwide.

4.     What types of products and services does your company provide and in which regions of the country?

Durable Slate performs slate, tile and sheet metal work all over the country, based out of Columbus, Ohio.   We’ve even done some projects outside of the US.

Our sister company, Durable Restoration, does historic masonry, windows, doors, and structural stabilization.  Sometimes DSC and DRC work projects together like the steeples in Roanoke, VA.

5.     What are your interests/hobbies/what do you do for fun?

Skiing, Boating, Movies, Study management and administrative technology, and give lectures on it.

6.     What do you like about the NSA and what additional resources would you like to see the NSA provide for their members?

I like the camaraderie.  I wish we had an active message board, and active blogs.

7.     Tell us about a unique opportunity or experience, you’ve had in your life.

I got to train a group of Peruvian roofers on slate and sheet metal roofing over a couple of weeks.  These guys had never even seen slate before. While we were there, we also went and visited Chile for a few days as well as taking a trek to Machu Picchu and hiking the trails there.

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Business Address

National Slate Association. 65 East Main Street, Falconer, NY 14733

Working Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday – Sunday: Closed