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Why Join the NSA?

National Slate Association

The National Slate Association appreciates the history, beauty, and proven nature of natural slate while dedicating to the mission of supporting it as a material. Other materials feel wasteful and inferior compared to the longevity and eco-friendly nature of slate. The NSA has come together to promote and educate how to use natural slate as a roofing material. By joining, you’re engaging in a community of like-minded people who respect the centuries long tradition of slate installation. Learn installation specifics from the brightest minds the industry has to offer or shake hands with suppliers who will keep you competitive in the trade. Be listed in the NSA Member Directory as a qualified business in the industry. These are all benefits to joining this prestigious

National Slate Industry Resources

Comprehensive Slate Industry Resources, Guides, Videos & Technical Support – All in One Place

The NSA Manual, released in 2010, is the leading resource for slate as a material and best practice roof installation techniques. Not only will you have access to the people who helped create this manual, you receive technical updates / bulletins on updated latest trends within the industry. This information pairs nicely with support for architects who are specifying slate as a material and educating the homeowner about what are the benefits of a slate roof. The NSA also puts resources towards educating its audience with tutorial videos uploaded to YouTube. A mobile field guide is also useful for on-the-job installation support.

NSA Membership

A National Community of Slate Experts for All Slate Questions & Technical Support

The main categories of members are roofing contractors, material distributors, architects / consultants, and quarriers. This creates a network of representation from many viewpoints. This ability to disseminate information is why the group is so powerful together. As a member, you’ll be in contact with respected personnel in the industry which not only qualifies the information you’re receiving but vaults your own growth as well. Means of communication are available through email or phone as well as a swath of valuable information on the website. The goal being to continuously update the website with relevant content which you help to support.

NSA Member Directory

Find Slate Suppliers, Contractors, & Recent Projects Across North America

The NSA Member Directory is a fantastic start for prospective slate customers/clients to find resources on slate contractors, distributors, or suppliers. Grouped by state or category, expect to promote your own business, and generate leads through the directory. The contractor spotlight section of the website helps promote recent projects that have been completed using slate. This is a great way to highlight your own work and gain support for people who understand the craft and tradition you are honoring.

National Slate Association Member Categories

Full MemberSlate Contractors, Quarriers and Distributors are included in this category. They have voting rights and can hold office in the association. These members have expertise in slate manufacture, distributing or installation of slate.

Affiliate Member – Under the general heading of Consultants, this includes Architects, Engineers, Conservators, Roofing Consultants and Specifiers. They have voting rights and can hold office in the association. Affiliate members have an interest in some architectural or structural aspect of slate.

Associate Member – This membership category includes Facility Managers, Academics, Students, Preservationists and slate crafters. They have no voting rights, nor can hold office in the association.

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