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Postings/Materials Submissions
By posting or submitting any information or material to this web site you are representing that you are the owner of the material, or are making your postings/submissions with the express consent of the owner. You are also granting permission to the NSA to display and distribute the postings or materials with the intent of allowing the NSA to further its “Purpose” (as stated fully in By-Laws Section 100) of promoting excellence in slate roofing practices through the development and dissemination of technical information, standards, and educational resources. All material on this web site is the property of The National Slate Association and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. No use or reproduction, of any kind, that incorporates the content into third party sales, marketing or technical (electronic or printed literature) is permitted. Use and reproduction, with the intent of furthering the “Purpose” of the NSA, as stated above, is permitted with the proviso that the NSA is recognized in writing as the source of the information.

Member Directory Use
The National Slate Association offers no guarantees or representations regarding the skills, knowledge or representations of companies or individuals included in our member directory. Normal due diligence should be exercised when considering the services of any supplier, architect, consultant or contractor to ensure they have the knowledge, experience, warranty, financial stability, insurance and licenses required to perform within the scope of your needs.

NSA Corrections and Retractions Policy
The National Slate Association recognizes its responsibility to correct errors that it has published. Our policy is to consider readers’ criticisms when the reader provides compelling evidence that a significant error was made. All error reports will be dealt with promptly and responded to. Corrections and retractions will be published on the National slate Association website and in the next printed version of the publication after peer review and after discussion among the editors.

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