Understanding the Benefits of Natural Slate

Authored by Trent Cotney of Cotney Law When considering roofing materials, you may immediately think of asphalt shingles, followed closely by tile or metal. After all, those are the materials we use most often. But slate is an attractive, environmentally friendly... read more

Slate Roof Condition Assessment Surveys – Part 2 – Slating Nails

Technical Bulletin #7 Full PDF   Assessing the Condition of the Slating Nails Various types of nails have been used to secure slate shingles over the years. Copper and stainless steel slating nails will typically be found to be in good condition (Figure 10).... read more

Slate Roof Condition Assessment Surveys – Part 1 – Slate Shingles

Technical Bulletin #7 Full PDF     Introduction Peak U.S. domestic slate roofing production occurred in the years surrounding the turn of the twentieth century, from about 1885 to 1925 (see Technical Bulletin No. 5, “Historic Production Data”). Much of this... read more

One Roof, One Lifetime, One Decision – Make It The Right One

This post outlines a few of the issues that are currently being combated by the slate industry. It’s important that consumers know the difference between natural and synthetic slate because they are not remotely close to the same product. Click For Full... read more