Manual Excerpts

Estimating Slate Quantities for Roof Areas

  Estimating the amount of slate needed to complete a slate roof installation requires accurate measurements to be taken to calculate the area of the field of the roof. One roofing square is equal to 100 square feet. Once the area of the roof is known, the number of... read more

How to Properly Nail Slate

  Nailing Slate Proper nailing of slate shingles to the roof deck is critical to the long-term durability of a slate roof. It is a skill that is relatively easy to learn, but must be practiced to master. Slate shingles are intended to hang on their nails. This... read more

Types of Slate Roofs

The function of a slate roof is to provide shelter, shed rain and snow, and resist wind and other loads. This is achieved with simple and adaptable methods of installation that have proved successful for centuries around the world.

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The Nature and Characteristics of Slate

Slate is a microcrystalline, fine grained metamorphic rock formed 400 million to 550 million years ago. Sediments accumulated on the sea floor were exposed to extreme pressures which lead to the chemical and mineralogical transformations you see today.

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6 Basic Principles of Slate Roofing

Generally the steeper the roof, the better with regard to service life of slate. Anything above a 8:12 is preferred, and slopes in the 12:12 to 18:12 range are probably ideal. Not only will slate shingles last longer on these steeper slopes, but they will be more visible from grade and show off their natural beauty.

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