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Slate contractors are skilled artisans who understand hard work. Piece by piece, the finest roofing material is laid by hand to cover surface area that protects a building’s roof and walls. With limited resources for slate roofers to turn to, the NSA provides the support needed for contractors to increase their skill set and network. Need help installing slate around a dormer? The NSA manual can provide the details. Want to talk to other like-minded contractors about slate roof estimating? Our members are responsive to people within the association. Have questions on slate supply? You will be aligned with people who are next to the vein. The NSA provides these benefits with membership, and you will be treated like an insider. It is time to stop being on the outside and unlock the benefits of the NSA.

Benefits of joining the National Slate Association:

  • Separate yourself by winning slating jobs that others can’t achieve
  • Expand your knowledge to create leak free, perfectly crafted slate roofs
  • Network with like-minded contractors who can help you bid, procure, and understand best practices with slate
  • CAD drawings made readily available for use
Slate roofing contractors association in the USA


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What type of roof decking is recommended for the installation of natural slate?

For the application of natural slate on roofs, it is essential to use either 1-inch board sheathing or 3/4″ APA plywood as the deck material. Both options offer a suitable foundation for slate installation by minimizing deflection during nailing, providing ample support for the weight of the slate between rafters, and ensuring sufficient resistance to nail pull-out. These decking materials are crucial for a successful and long-lasting slate roofing system.

Are there any climatic restrictions for using natural slate in roofing?

Natural slate of excellent quality has demonstrated exceptional performance in even the most extreme climatic conditions for centuries. With a history dating back a thousand years, it has proven its durability. However, caution should be exercised when dealing with poor-quality roofing slate. Such slate may have a limited lifespan, especially in moderate conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to restrict the use of lower-grade slate to milder climates, while carefully evaluating factors such as precipitation and freeze-thaw cycles.

How many nails do I need to order for slate roofing?

 Generally, each slate piece is pre-punched with two nail holes. When it comes to ordering nails for slate roofing, they are typically sold by weight, usually by the pound. The quantity of nails required will depend on the size of the roofing project and the number of slate pieces to be installed. For accurate estimations and to ensure you have an adequate supply of nails for your slate roofing project, consult with your supplier or contractor.

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What are the environmental benefits of using slate as a roofing material?

Slate stands out as one of the most environmentally friendly roofing choices globally due to its natural origins and exceptionally low embodied energy. Its carbon footprint is impressively minimal, comprising only around 16% of that found in other roofing materials. Slate’s eco-friendliness extends beyond its production; it can endure harsh conditions like fire, hail, and strong winds, reducing the need for frequent roof replacements. Moreover, slate is reusable and recyclable, often finding new life in other roofing projects or artistic endeavors. The National Slate Association highlights several environmental benefits, such as prolonging a roof’s life, non-toxic properties, diverting waste from landfills, and contributing to energy efficiency.

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