• Built in 1902, St. Andrew’s Catholic Church stands upon one of the highest knolls in Roanoke, Virginia and its Gothic towers can be seen from just about anywhere in Roanoke, Virginia. The church originally began as a small brick building built in 1879. In 1897, the small church was outgrown by the size of the congregation, and the construction of the current building began. Within the past 70 years, lightning struck the steeples, causing internal fire damage. Along with this, a termite infestation was found in the steeples. Both incidents caused structural damage, eventually causing the steeples to sway.
  • In 2014, The Durable Slate Company began a complete roof restoration process. The first of three phases began that same year with the restoration of the two steeples. The steeples were taken off and reconstructed to make them stable once again. In addition to this, the copper elements were upgraded and lightning protection was added to them. The second phase began a few years later with replacing the original slate roof with a brand new slate. Also within this phase, the spire was lifted off of the church to replace the slate, copper, cross, and lightning protection. The final phase of the project included internal plasterwork and touching up the murals of the church.
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