Hilltop Slate, Inc.

Position: Middle Granville, Vermont

Expert Overview

Established  in 1948, Hilltop Slate is a quarrier and producer of high quality natural material for slate roofing and architectural applications. As a building product, Hilltop Slate satisfies a host of internal and external applications in roofing, flooring, paving, as well as landscaping  products. Hilltop Slate is dedicated to creating only the best slate roofing and architectural products. With our manufacturing process we’re able to cut out the middle man, keeping cost down for our clients. 

From our quarries in  Vermont and New York, we provide the quality and choice to inspire designers the world over. Our tradition, unparalleled resources, reliability and expertise ensures the highest standards of customer service. Hilltop Slate is the best choice for slate roofing, paving and more. Our team provides the best slate roofing and architectural products and the best price around!

Hilltop Slate is a slate quarrier and producer. We produce slate roofing, paving, and more! With our quarries in New York and Vermont we’re able to source many types and colors of slate. Through our machining processes we are able to create slate tiles of many shapes and thicknesses. Currently Hilltop Slate offers a selection of 10 slate colors. Our slate products are high quality and guaranteed a long lifetime and high durability.