Oakhurst Roof Restoration

Complete roof restoration of “Oakhurst”, a prominent residence designed by McKim, Meade & White in the 1880’s. All new slate on the roof and vertical walls, new lead-coated copper flashing and gutter system. A grand roof design including round turrets, sweeping radius porches and striking detail work on the dormers. Also, a large amount of vertical slate was installed on several of the gable walls with an unusual slate detail used to accent the line of the rake.

Slate Color(s)
“Hendicks” (similar to “Vermont Black”)

Quarry Region
New York / Vermont

Slate Size(s)
16″ L x 8″ W x 1/4″ thick

Type of Hip
Both mitered & saddle type

Type of Ridge
Metal ridge cap – rolled

Type of Valley
Closed (open valleys @ turrets)

Courtesy of
Timothy Spillane, Inc., Glenmoore, PA

Vermont Structural Slate


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