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Performance and aesthetic success in the application of natural roofing slate, whether new construction, restoration, or reroofing, depends on a process of research, selection, and specification, and involves input from a wide spectrum of knowledgeable professionals and craftspeople. For any given project, this process may bring together the expertise of testing laboratories, quarry/mill operators, structural engineers, roof consultants, architects, general contractors, roofing contractors and, of course, the building or home owner, all operating as a team.

Material selection, workmanship, and technical design are the three important components of a successful slate roof installation. Material selection aside, it is important for the installing craftsperson and the technical designer to be clear on the installation expectations and aesthetics of a natural slate roof before installation starts. It is important for the designer to understand the craft of installing a slate roof with related flashings, and equally, for the installing craftsperson to have a good understanding of the designer’s technical and aesthetic requirements. The two should operate as a team with clearly understood instructions for all involved.

The below list of National Slate Association Members are dedicated professionals that can help with all-encompassing aspects of a slate roof. Please use this directory to filter the list by category, state/region and connect with a National Slate Association member today.

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