Triangle DJ Contractors

Position: Forth Worth, Texas

Expert Overview

Why choose us as your general contractor?

Peace of mind. We find you the best quality materials at an affordable price and installed by the most qualified subcontractors.

Building or renovating a home is no small task, but having someone in your corner who knows the ends and outs of local permit requirements, building code, and access to quality subcontractors can make all the difference.  Become one of our satisfied home or business owners today.

We protect your most valuable asset, your home. We maintain a clean and presentable worksite creating a safer work environment throughout the roofing process.

Upon completion of the roof system installation, a thorough cleaning is done:

  • Blowing excess granules off of the roof
  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Removing loose debris from flower beds and lawn
  • Sweeping driveway, patio, and sidewalks
  • Running magnets over the property to remove loose fasteners
  • Returning all yard ornaments, planters, and furniture to their original location

A Triangle DJ Contractor Project Manager and Crew-lead ensure quality control throughout the project. Both are available to answer questions or concerns before, during, and after construction.

We utilize certified installers and project managers for all types of specialty residential roofing. We are insured and certified to install all types of shingles, slates, tiles, and specialized flat roofing – all with a longstanding workmanship guarantee. We have HAAG Engineering Certified Roof Inspectors and insurance adjusters/specialists on staff to make sure your home is protected from expensive leak damage.

We have over 25 years experience installing and servicing roofs and we are here when you need us.