Renaissance Roofing, Inc.

Position: Belvidere, Illinois

Expert Overview

Since 1992, Renaissance has been providing restoration services to clients though-out the United States  of America.  The company was built on the belief that a roofing company should provide the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction while solving even the most complex of roofing problems.  From the beginning, the team invested countless hours in order to meet and exceed the requirements to become a full-service tile and slate roofing company.

Thanks to the team-wide dedication to their individual crafts, Renaissance has grown to be a nationally recognized leader in the field of historical building restoration.  Based in Belvidere, Illinois, the company has grown to include a second location in St. Louis, Missouri.

Renaissance has a team of over 75 in-house employees that are experts in historical building restoration. With these life-time experts in their respective fields, a world class architectural sheet metal shop and an extensive inventory of historic roofing products we offer our clients a complete solution to their restoration needs

Renaissance holds licensing in multiple states including, Illinois, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, Louisiana, Utah as well as others and has performed work in more than half of the continental United States

Renaissance is a historic building restoration contractor with experience in traveling to distant locations and performing the most extensive and demanding restoration projects. Most of the restoration projects require extensive architectural sheet metal utilizing copper. Our world class architectural sheet metal shop is responsible for re-producing all the historically accurate assemblies found on our projects. We design and fabricate all of these products which provides us improved control and scheduling capabilities.

Our leadership team includes team members who have been with the company 25 years or more, which demonstrates their dedication to the company’s beliefs and industry standards.