Buckingham Slate

Position: Arvonia, Virginia

Expert Overview

Founded in 1867, Buckingham® Slate is still produced at this same location in Arvonia, Virginia. The slate’s properties – unfading color, low absorption rate, a lifespan of 150 years or more, natural textures and luster – make it a one-of-a-kind material, unmatched by any other building material. Our products are found in many of the country’s top universities, religious buildings and fine homes, delivering an architectural aesthetic that can’t be matched.

One of our country’s founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, was among the first Americans to recognize the beauty and value of Buckingham County’s slate, which he specified in his architectural designs. Jefferson specified the use of our slate on the campus of the University of Virginia, where Buckingham® Slate can still be found on the centuries-old structures.

For more than 150 years, Buckingham® Slate has quarried the finest slate roofing, flooring and architectural products available anywhere. Our 500-acre property in Buckingham County, Virginia is the only reliable source of true unfading Buckingham® Slate.