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The mission of the National Slate Association is to establish a material and installation standard for, and promotion of, natural roofing slate in North America. The association, which started in 1922 and was reformed in 2002, spans quarriers, contractors, architects, consultants, and distributors with a connection to natural slate. Primary goals of the association are to keep members updated with slate relevant information, give access to the most experienced resources the industry offers, and to promote the education of slate to future generations. If you’re looking to prosper in the slate industry, this association is your key.

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Join a community of contractors across the USA that is supports by the National Slate Association!



Learn more about how the National Slate Association supports architects across the USA!



The National Slate Association helps homeowners across the USA maintain their homes quality!



This guide provides a description of the quality required, materials, workmanship, dimensions, of work so the user can specify a slate roof properly, accurately, and quickly.


Weather & non-weather slate colors range from black, gray, green, purple, red. The beauty of the stone is found in the colors.

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We provide the latest industry info to help make informed decisions and costly missteps

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Continuing education is a necessity towards future generations of slate roofers to keep the tradition strong

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“The NSA offers the wisdom of many experts in the slate industry who have decades of experience. If I ever need any slate related knowledge, I turn to the NSA”.

Lucas Severance
Lucas Severance

“It’s great meeting a variety of people who have skills in various fields such as architects, consultants, contractors, and quarriers. Where else can you find such diversity in one association?”

Ronny Roseveare
Ronny Roseveare

“I never thought I’d find my kind of association at the center of the slate world. Camaraderie, information, material sources…the NSA has it all!”

Bob Williams
Bob Williams

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